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  •     Full business validated certificate
  •     Green address bar *
  •     2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
  •     Trusted by all popular Browsers
  •     99.3% Browser Compatibility
  •     FREE Corner of Trust Logo (worth €119.00)
  •     128/256 bit encryption
  •     30 day satisfaction guarantee
  •     $1,750,000 warranty **
  •     Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy
  •     Unlimited server licenses
  •     Secure domain.com for free when you order www.domain.com

EV = encryption + validation + 100% Trust

Online merchants are doing their best to bring the security standards up, by exploiting the so called “Green URL Bar” on top of customers· browser. This “green”technology was developed specifically for the Extended Validation SSL certificate, to meet the current demands for security online. Main purpose of an EV SSL certificate is to stand up against phishing, cyrber thefts and all means of stealing valuable information during online transactions. The Green Bar positions strong and it·s recommended by Microsoft, Mozilla and all major Internet security companies.
For acquiring an Extended Validation SSL, every company would have to go through a comprehensive validation process, for establishing the legitimacy of the organization. Click here for a list of guidelines on EV SSL validation process. Following specific rules in validating an organization guarantees that the Green URL Address bar is associated only with legitimate and loyal organizations, which maintain the highest level of security and trust on their website.
Web pages, secured with an EV SSL certificate benefit from:

  •     higher e-commerce conversion rate
  •     lower shopping cart abandonment rate
  •     higher customer satisfaction
  •     advantage against your competition
  •     the best Phishing protection

* Appearance depends on clients browser
** SSL Warranty: used as a financial warranty in case Sectigo miss-issues an SSL certificate to a fraudulent company, which results in an online money theft. In that case Sectigo is obligated to compensate the affected party within the insurance amount, stated for every specific SSL certificate.


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