Code Signing Certificate

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  • Reassures customers for software authenticity, whenever they download it
  • ensures software integrity
  • Microsoft Authenticode technology: Industry standard paired with COMODO·s trust infrastructure
  • ability to digitally sign different types of files: .exe, .cab, VBA, Java, .ocx and .dll
  • increases trust in a digital software distribution channels
  • compatible with major operating systems

Every company faces greater challenges in the providing the best online security and goes an extra mile for their customers. Software companies offer their products customers all over the world. That includes different distributing channels, direct online sales, affiliates, etc. There is an obvious question here: how could a software company guarantee it·s product integrity and authenticity, when having such a large distribution network? How could consumers be sure if they are not buying a counterfeit or a hacked piece of software? Answer: Certificates that digitally sign software solves the authenticity issue and assures buyers for purchasing a genuine product.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent CA/B Forum updates, if you purchase this certificate for 4 or 5 years today, upon reissue any time after March 1st, 2015, you will only get a maximum of 39 months validity; however, you will be able to reissue again before those 39 months expire to get the additional months remaining in your certificate in which you paid for.


  • verifies publisher·s Identity
  • verifies software integrity
  • protecting against software tampering
  • increases customer confidence and satisfaction
  • avoids Windows error messages
  • increases publisher·s company reputation
  • safe way for software distribution, using all major channels

When buying software from a physical store, the source of that software is obvious. When buying online things are a little different. Consumers do not trust distribution sources that easily anymore. Every company, planning of selling their software online, take the risk of the software being hacked, tampered or changed in some way. The Code Signing Certificate informs the consumer for software authenticity, software integrity and publisher·s corporate identity.

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