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  •     2048/4096 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
  •     Strongest SHA-2 and ECC Encryption
  •     Trusted by all popular Browsers
  •     99.3% Browser Compatibility
  •     FREE Corner of Trust Logo (worth €119.00)
  •     128/256 bit encryption
  •     30 day Refund Policy
  •     $250,000 warranty
  •     Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy
  •     Unlimited server licenses
  •     Secure for free when you order*

* This is only applicable to single-level domains. For example, will not secure

Full business validated certificate
OV = Encryption + Validation

OV SSL (Organizational Validated SSL certificate) introduces both encryption and  company legitimacy information. The main advantage of this type of SSL certificate is that it gives users the ability to trust your website, by seeing who is the issuer and the company-acquirer of this SSL certificate.

Customers will not only transmit data securely but they will also able to see which company is collecting their data – the company standing behind the website. In other words, encrypting data itself does not provide any information about the company collecting it.

The procedure of acquiring this type of SSL certificate leaves no “doors open” for phony companies to purchase this SSL. That means that this a “hacker-free” SSL.

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